Lior Stern, has always had a passion and natural talent for creating unique and personalized looks.

For the past fifteen years, she has been working in the fashion industry, honing her innate talent for styling, learning about every facet of the business and creating personal relationships.

Finally, Lior decided that it was time to offer her services on a one-on-one basis in order to best cater to the individualized needs of her clients, their closets, their wardrobes and their lifestyles.

The Neat Stylist believes that the closet is an intimate and private sanctuary.

We often spend the first and last moments of the day in this space. However, we are often stuck dealing with disorganization and burden, and are unable to enjoy the quiet moments.

Most people would like to put order to their lives and their living spaces; unfortunately, most people simply do not know where to start.

That is why so many people have sought The Neat Stylist’s help - a professional who can guide them through the decluttering, organizing and shaping stages of their closets – and their lives.

The Neat Stylist takes time to get to know you and understand what is most essential to making your space – and its contents – work specifically for you.

She helps to save you time, money and effort, as well as to reduce your stress and provide a tranquil environment for your daily life.

The final product is a neat, organized space which is balanced, appealing and functional;

It is also inviting, convenient and peaceful, and more conducive to personal beauty and success.

The Neat Stylist is an expert in the ways of fashion and organization, however, she does not 

only work with closets. In fact, she can reinvent any space of your choosing (i.e. closet, office or playroom) in a way that easily fits into your lifestyle.

She will also give you the tools you need to maintain the orderliness and serenity with little effort.

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