1. The Four Seasons – HOT DEAL!

If you are a die-hard fashion lover, this is the package for you! With The Four Seasons 

package, you start off with The Goddess package, and then have follow-up two hour 

sessions with The Neat Stylist every season. Effectively, it is four packages in one! 

Taking The Four Seasons package is the most cost-effective way to ensure that you are 

staying on track with your wardrobe and maintaining your perfectly arranged space, 

year round!


2. The Foundation (Two Hours)

The Foundation package is a quick and efficient way for you to create order in a chosen 

space. The Neat Stylist will begin with an in-home or in-office evaluation to learn about 

your style and everyday routine. Next, she will spend two hours with you organizing, 

and discussing what stays and what goes. When completed, your space will be tidy, 

convenient and inviting. 


3. The Fashionista (Four Hours)

The Fashionista package includes everything in the Foundation package – but more 

delves into the process in much greater detail. The first step for any project is always a 

thorough evaluation. In this package, The Neat Stylist goes more in depth with the 

items, sorting them into categories (e.g., keep, throw away, donate, alter, dry-clean, 

etc.). In addition, she will create a special area for all your favorite and everyday items. 

Matching colored hangers will be provided.


4. The Goddess (Six Hour)

The Goddess package includes everything in the Foundation package – and so much 

more! This is a full revamping process from start to finish – from sorting and organizing 

to creating a shopping list to fill in any gaps. 

This package is very detailed and every part of the space will be covered, including 

drawers, shoe racks and accessories. Once your space and its contents have been 

brought to their maximum potential (through the in-depth auditing process), and those 

remaining items have been perfectly systemized, you will receive a detailed list of any 

items that you will need to purchase in order to complete the space or collection. 



5. Airplane Mode (Two Hours)

Your destination is set, but you have no idea what to pack… Let The Neat Stylist pack for 

you! She will discuss your trip details with you – location, length of trip, itinerary and 

weather – and then come to you prepared with a list of essentials (and non-essentials 

when applicable), and pack for you! Nothing could be easier or more worry-free!


Contact us today for pricing and special offers!

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